In 2021, Russian brides are the perfect companions for men who can handle intense women.


Russia (officially known as the Russian Federation) is a country that stretches from Eastern Europe into North Asia. In terms of landmass, it is the largest country in the world, sharing borders with fourteen other countries. It also has some natural attractions such as Lake Baikal, which is the deepest lake on earth, and Mount El’brus, the tallest mountain in Europe.

Apart from these attractions, Russia is also famous for its vodka, cold climate and tough citizens. Russians are a welcoming people, even if popular media do not always portray them that way. They are passionate and patriotic people and even if you do not share some of their beliefs, you will admire their intensity and energy.

This warmth and enthusiasm are not lost with the women of Russia. Much like their men, these ladies are as intriguing as they are caring. Perhaps these qualities contribute to the fact that many American men now consider Russian brides for marriage. It has also increased the demand for Russian mail order brides.

There was a movie about a Russian mail order bride titled Birthday Girl which was released in 2001. This Hollywood movie further piqued the interest of more men to look into considering Russian mail order wives. But before picking a wife, most men would want to know her personality and characteristics. The next section of this article will shed more light on the traits of Russian wives and young women.

Personality Traits of Russian Women

Women everywhere are interesting and unique. Whether it is the exotic women from the east or strong Ukrainian women, the different personalities of women – shaped by their societies – contribute to their attractiveness in the eyes of men. Having said that, Russian women have some of the most distinct traits in the world. Five (5) of their most telling characteristics are:

A sense of independence

Russian women are some of the bravest women in the world. Because of the cold and harsh climate that they come from, these ladies have developed a sense of independence. They do not wait for handouts and certainly do not believe that a man can give them anything that they cannot get for themselves.

This sense of independence trickles down into their relationships. Even the most devoted and beautiful Russian brides will stand on their own if anything goes wrong in their marriage. This does not mean that they do not respect their partners, it just means that they believe in their ability to survive with or without a man.


A poet in the 19th century named Nekrasov once said this about Russian women: “A Russian woman can stop a galloping horse and enter the burning house.” This goes to show how much an average Russian lady believes in herself. It portrays these women in a powerful light – as strong and brave.

The average Russian woman lives in a society that is strongly influenced by the military and has a history of war. This has shaped them to be ready for confrontation at all times. Their men are hardly cheesecakes either and together an average Russian household is a strong unit. When a foreign man looks to find a Russian bride, he may be caught unawares by her fearlessness.


Russian women are known to be stubborn. Their stubbornness may put some men off but there is a cherry at the top of this pie. Their stubbornness is an indicator of their strong will. This strong will can come in handy in their relationships especially when the going gets tough. It will help them persevere and can even inspire their men to keep pushing.

Russian girls also use stubbornness as a way to gauge the seriousness of a suitor. They may not agree to everything you say not out of spite but just to see if you are relentless. Russian ladies like men who keep pushing for what they want as it testifies to their manliness.


Just as the Russian military is loyal and patriotic to the federation, Russian women are equally loyal to their men. A Russian girl, even in casual friendships, will go to extreme levels to prove their loyalty. They believe that if push comes to shove, their friends will stick out their necks for them and so have no problem with doing the same.

As wives, Russian brides will express unparalleled devotion to their husbands. There have even been famous instances where Russian wives defied common sense just to be with their husbands. In the 19th century, there was a violent protest against the tsar. Several aristocrats backed that riot and at the end of it, were punished by being exiled to Siberia indefinitely. Their wives voluntarily joined them in this exile even though the punishment did not extend to them.


Russian women are naturally smart and inquisitive. Most times, those two traits are not mutually exclusive because these women learn many of the things they know by asking questions. They also like to try out new things, start businesses, travel and meet new people.

Their curiosity broadens their scope and many Russian women speak foreign languages. This curiosity also opens them up to dating and marrying foreign men. That is why it is not uncommon to see American men on dating sites searching for how to get a Russian bride.

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Lithuanian Dating Culture and Tips

Lithuanian dating traditions might be old-fashioned, but you need to accept them if you want to win the Lithuanian girl’s heart. Check the tips below:

Chivalry Matters

Lithuanian women highly appreciate gentlemen, so you can use your charm and courtesy to make the right impression. Open the door in front of your woman, make compliments to her, give her gifts etc. Politeness always works.

Pay the Bill

Lithuanian couples don’t separate the bill (even on the first date). Paying the check is another way of expressing politeness and respect toward your woman. It means taking care of her, so you should not ask for a separate bill in the restaurant.

If you do, your Lithuanian girl might consider it an insult. Also, if you use public transport, it is better to buy a passage ticket for your woman. Doing so will help your woman feel protected and valuable, which is exactly what you need to win her heart.

Be Careful with Flowers

Lithuanians are a bit superstitious. For instance, they believe a black cat crossing the road can bring misfortune. Some superstitions relate to flowers. For example, Lithuanians always buy an odd number of flowers. Even numbers are used when laying floral tributes to the dead. Therefore, giving an even number of flowers to a person is believed to lead to illness. Thus, always count the flowers in the floral shop.

Take your Girl Home

Lithuanian guys usually take their girlfriends home after a date. It is highly recommended, even if your hotel is located in the opposite direction. It also relates to protection. The local women don’t feel safe when going home alone in the late evening or at night. You can also take a taxi for her. But anyway, it is better to take her home personally.

Show Respect to Family

Usually, Lithuanian brides don’t spend a lot of time with their families. But still, they are in very close relations with their parents. If you show disrespect to your woman’s relatives, she might turn cold and distant. Thus, make a reminder of her parents’, grandparents’, and cousins’ birthdays, be polite, and avoid political discussions.

Who Are Russian Brides

For men seeking strong-willed European ladies to start a relationship with, Russian ladies are the most obvious option. When these relationships become more serious, they blossom into marriage. In marriage, the life of a Russian bride begins. They are:

Devoted wives

Russian brides are known for their loyalty to their husbands and kids. These women always put their families first. As single ladies, they are attached to their nuclear families but when they get married, they direct that attachment to their new families.

Stylish women

Russian brides are also beautiful and stylish. They may not be at the top of the pile in terms of beauty but they are no slouches either. They have a sort of rugged beauty that attracts men from far and wide. Additionally, local girls keep up with the Western fashion standards. It is a common sight in Russia to see girls casually walking around in high heels and fur coats all day long.

Open-minded lovers

Russian wives are quite open to trying out new things. This objectivity makes them great lovers. They pull no punches in the bedroom with their husbands and are willing to try out new sex styles and fetishes. Russian brides sustain the passion and sensuality for long and therefore hardly ever have boring marriages.

Russian Wedding Traditions

If you are dating a Russian lady and are considering taking the relationship to the next step, you need to know what to expect at your wedding. The following traditions are normal in a Russian wedding:


For a marriage to be considered legal in Russia, the couple will have to visit the Zapis Aktov Grazhdanskogo Sostoyaniya – the registration office. Here, they will sign the nuptial papers and then choose what kind of wedding they want. They could either opt for a small gathering or have a more elaborate ceremony.


This is the first stage in a traditional Russian wedding. At this point, the couple stands at the church entrance where a priest blesses them. Afterward, they are given lit candles to hold for the entirety of the ceremony.


The ransom is the equivalent of the dowry that is paid before a wedding. However, in Russia, the ransom has a few fun twists. Firstly, the bride’s parents “hide” their daughter from the groom until he has passed a test fashioned by the bridesmaids to prove his love – and embarrass him a little in the process. If he does not pass the test, he has to pay in cash or gifts as compensation.


In Russia, it is more important to place crowns on the heads of the couple than it is for them to exchange rings. This process is known as crowning. It is the second part of the ceremony. Here, the couple stands on pieces of colored cloth while the priest crowns them. Afterward, they share a cup of wine and led by the priest, walk around the lectern three times.

Nightlife in Russia

Sometimes, the coldest places have the hottest vibe and this is the case with Russia. Urban Russian cities never sleep. If you are in Russia for a while and need to party and enjoy the nightlife, there are several options at your disposal. They include:


This is the capital city of Russia and it is also its party capital. There are several nightlife spots in Moscow. From techno clubs to karaoke bars and adult clubs, you will find whatever kind of fun you seek there. Some popular nightlife spots in Moscow are:

  • Garden ring circle
  • Tsetnoy Boulevard
  • Gogol Club
  • Forte Music Club
  • Jean-Jacques


The coastal town of Sochi is popular for its many resorts and exotic clubs. It became famous after the Winter Olympics in 2014 when many tourists explored its fun options. Some of its popular nightlife hotspots are:

  • Bar Cocos
  • The Treugolnik
  • Alpine Pub O’Hara
  • Mountain village region
  • Bar London

There are many other nightlife spots in several Russian cities. Depending on your location, you can easily find a spot to relax, party and find beautiful Russian girls.

How to Talk to Russian Girls at Parties?

Russian girls are some of the most interesting girls you could ever interact with. They are also intimidating and so, you may need help talking to them. Luckily, in this article, we have outlined some tips for you. They are:

Be polite

As party venues are usually rowdy and filled with strangers, if you want to talk to a Russian girl, you need to be polite when approaching her. Try not to walk up from behind her so as not to spook her. Approaching her politely would help you make a good first impression.

Discuss entertainment

A great ice breaker for Russian girls is talking about entertainment. It even gets better if you planned to attend a local show as you can use the opportunity to set up a date. You can talk about movies, TV shows, music, etc.

Be bold

Russian girls appreciate guys who know what they want and are not ashamed to go for it. If you meet Russian girls, be confident and lively, but do not be cocky. They consider confidence to be a sign of manliness and will be more likely to warm up to you if you are bold.

How To Find The Best Website With Russian Brides?

If you are convinced that you want to marry a Russian bride and are looking for how to get a Russian wife, your best bets are Russian mail order brides platforms. These sites grant foreign men access to thousands of pretty Russian girls while answering the most popular question: “Are Russian brides legit?”

The platforms are legal and can link you up with sexy Russian brides for marriage. All you need to do is to create an account, update your details and locate the best Russian wives for you.

How much does it cost to get a Russian bride?

The price of finding love on Russian mail order platforms depends on what kind of relationship you seek. If you are seriously looking to wed a Russian mail order bride, you may have to subscribe and pay a membership fee. Many of these platforms have subscription fees that start from $50. If you intend to marry and take your Russian bride to your country, you may be looking at spending $5000 and above.


Russian brides are uniquely fierce women. They are ideal partners for men seeking strong women to brace the storms with and start a family. They are also devoted wives and mothers and so it is not difficult to see why many foreign men are attracted to them.